Q: Are pets allowed?

A: Though we LOVE animals, due to insurance reasons, they are NOT permitted on any BFBR boats.

(Even our CEO, Willie, must stay on land!)


Q: Are there bathrooms on the boat, and what are the rules for their use…?

A: YES, we have bathrooms on ALL party boats, however, these are MARINE toilets, and can only process ‘human’ waste….therefore , NO TOILET PAPER, (or ANY other ANYTHING), may be put down the toilets.

Q: How many tables & chairs are on the boats?

A: All Party Boats have a minimum of three, 6ft. folding tables and Large Marge has 50 chairs, the Ark has 75.

Q: What about the BBQ grill….?

A: The Party Boats are equipped with propane gas grills. We supply the propane; you bring some cooking utensils and whatever you like to cook. PLEASE DO NOT BRING ANY CHARCOAL GRILLS.

Q: What about trash…?

A: We equip the boats with numerous large and small trash cans & bags. It is YOUR job to get the trash into the cans.

Q: Do the Party Boats have stereos….?

A: Yes. There are stereo systems on board. There are numerous speakers on both decks of the boats.

Q: Are there coolers/ice chests on the boats…?

A: Yes. All Party Boats are equipped with three, 100qt. coolers for your use. We also sell ice as a convenience to our customers.

Q: Can we have a D.J. on board…?

A: Yes. Though, as per lake rules, D.J.'s are limited to two speakers and will need to bring their own table. Microphones and Bass boxes are NOT permitted onboard, and we reserve the right to limit the volume of speakers brought on board as there are decibel laws on the lake which we must follow. We will provide a power generator for a $50.00 rental fee, or you may bring your own.

Q: May we bring alcohol/ kegs on the boat….?

A: Yes. You may bring keg’s/ cans or plastic containers,

We DO NOT ALLOW ANY: GLASS Bottles, trash can punch, jello shots, beer bongs, keg stands, nor any other drunken coma producers. 


Q: What is the cancellation policy for the Party Boats…?

A: We have a 30 day cancellation policy. If you cancel your trip with 30 days’ notice or more, you will receive a full refund of your deposit. If you cancel your trip with less than 30 days’ notice, we will make every effort to book another charter for the time you had reserved, If we ARE able to do so, we will happily refund your deposit. However, if the time you had reserved goes UNUSED, you will NOT receive a refund of your deposit. We reserve the right to cancel ANY trip due to dangerous weather. The decision to cancel a Party Boat trip due to weather, will be made on the day of the scheduled charter by BFBR management. If we cancel the trip, you will be able to use your deposit toward any future boat rental during the next 365 days. Please note: WE DO NOT CANCEL CHARTERS BECAUSE OF A “FORCAST” of ‘possible’ bad weather.

Q: Do you charge for entrance/parking…?

A: Our Landlord, Highland Lakes Marina, charges an ENTRANCE fee for ALL vehicles, boats, Buses, & motorcycles entering the property. (No "Walk-In's")

Cars/trucks: $7.00, boat launches: $20.00, Buses: $100.00.


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